We can build anything from simple blocks


With a preference for games


Because life is FUN !

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SylvestOr is the spirit of a burning forest and needs to rescue as much animals as he can.

It is a not so easy two tap games, one allows you to jump, and the other lets you transform yourself in a more powerful spirit.

We made this little game in two weeks, and we have decided to give it freely to you because we are friendly.

If you have an Android phone, you can download the game on google play
or play now in your browser (space key to transform and up arrow to jump) by clicking on the running guy...
(or here if he runs too fast for you)

Mage VR: The Lost Memories

Maybe you don't remember, but some of us do remember that we are Mages. Try a gesture, see if it starts fire in your hands, maybe you are one of us. Use this power and please save the world from this new malediction.

It is available on Viveport and on Steam VR.

About us

As the virtual reality industry is constantly growing, DBloke is now focusing on creating
fun and quality VR games.

Our objective? To share dreams with you !

Our great team members are

Baptiste Degryse
Baptiste Degryse

CEO / Developer

Baptiste Degryse
Brayan Delmée


Colombe Sechehaye
Colombe Sechehaye

Developer (Intern)

Contact us

DBloke SPRL - Brussels

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